Light Up the Forest! 12-Hour Event

Ready, set… build! This Saturday, 4 June, Egypt is hosting Light Up the Forest, a special 12-hour event. Normally available only to those undertaking or having completed Test of the Covered Cartouche, for these 12 hours all Egyptians will be able to build a Light of the Forest. Please see your in-game calendar for exact times in your time zone.


Materials Needed:

The Light of Forest is built in a small construction site. It will remain after the event is over. Disclaimer: These materials are taken from the Tale 6 wiki.

Upgrade Materials:

As with Obelisk, the more materials you add, the larger it is. According to Robby, the correct upgrade materials are not those listed in the T6 wiki, but those listed in the T1 wiki:

Light if the Forest Upgrades


There are prizes for the largest built in this 12 hours and there are also participation prizes for all Egyptians taking part:

  • Top prize will receive 1 Geb’s Silver Sickle,
  • Top seven will receive Barometric Sphere SCHU’s Barometric Spehere,
  • Top 21 will receive: 1 Small Barrel
  • Participation: 2 Forest Red ribbons
  • Lottery: 5 orchid bulb Arabian Night

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