When Chariots Go Boom…?

Explosives tech was opened this week, and with it Augir posted in Egypt Today asking for donations to urgently complete Chariot Repair 2 to insure against damage that could theoretically be caused to Chariots:

With the explosives open, Chariot Repair 2 tech is needed in case of accident or malicious act. Most advanced donation is in 7L, UHarm. We are done with boards and today, with help from Qwu, Cut Stone was finished. What we still need? 1.3 mil of bricks, 37k of Rope, 21k of Canvas, 9.5k of linen, 1000 Streel Cable. Anyone able to help with this crucial tech please donate…

Apparently, 7L researchers had planned to hold back the research donations needed to complete Explosives until Chariot Repair 2 was completed, but an anonymous donor dumped in the final requirements.

Chariot Repair 2 donations can be made at University of Harmony in 7L.


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