Bust a Move: Sunday Acro Event

There will be an acro event this Sunday, June 5th, to help those who still need to fill in their acro moves to pass principles or to progress through the Test of the Acrobat. If you haven’t started this test and are Level 3 or higher, get down to your nearest U Body and sign up so you don’t miss this chance to acro with a group of people.

And if you’ve completed Acro, please consider coming by to help those who are coming up behind you and maybe helping someone to zap!

You’ll find the River Plains Acro Stadium at 1710, 2692 just a few minutes south of the CS (even at a slow jog!) Follow the road running south of the CS and the acro stadium is the black SSS-shaped thing you can see on your map when you hit F3.

How it Works

The Acro Field has designated spots the necessary distance apart for acro “privacy.” People will stand at a station and those needing acro will move from station to station in a line.

We will be doing 2-minute speed rounds and an organiser will tell you when to move on to the next acro station. If you find a Master or Perfect Teacher, write their name down and you can arrange to go through all the acro moves with them later. (This method is the fastest way to help people level up in acro as quickly and efficiently as possible.) You can make notes on who to acro with later by clicking on yourself and choosing Self > Utility > Edit My Info Text.

Organisers for this event are Dawner and Eimear.

Event Time

Please check your in-game calendar for your local event start time if you are unsure about  when to turn up for Acro! The event will be held at the following time in various time zones.

  • 9 PM Berlin
  • 8 PM London
  • 3 PM New York
  • 2 PM Chicago
  • 1 PM Denver
  • 12 PM LA

If you’re in the Antipodes, this event will unfortunately be taking place at 5 AM Sydney time on Monday.


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