Calling all Fireworks Fans for this Saturday

Everyone loves a good fireworks show! Sabuli is leading an effort to get enough pyrotechnics fans signed up for a fireworks display event to happen this Saturday, 11 June.

To trigger a contest to start, 7 exhibitors need to sign up to display. To do this, you need to visit your closest School or University of Art, make sure you are signed up for Test of Pyrotechnics, and click Test of Pyrotechnics > Commit to Pyrotechnics Shows.

Click all the Saturday times you can make. Times shown will be local to you.

If at least 7 people choose the same date and time, a pyrotechnics show will be automatically added to the calendar.

For the event to take place, 7 citizens must also have signed up as judges. You can sign up to be a judge by visiting your local stadium and clicking it. If the system calendars the pyrotechnics show at that stadium, all judges who have signed up in that region and are online at the time of the show will be given a temporary waypoint for free travel directly to the stadium, so you can be on time to judge and let the contest begin.

You do not need previous experience in pyro to be a judge. You just need to be willing to attend, watch and enjoy. Please add your name to this community event.

These shows are great fun to take part in and to watch. So, fireworks fans, lets light up the Egyptian sky this Saturday!

Image: Nissim (2008)

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