DP Election Results: Congratulations to brucette

Demi-Pharaoh results are in, and Egypt has voted to elect brucette. Congratulations to our new DP, who has been entrusted with the power over life and death* in Egypt and can exile 7 citizens permanently. Results were as follows:

  • brucette: 54.20%
  • Robby: 50.70%
  • Maxion: 25.45%
  • Smurf: 23.78%

Election percentages totaling more than 100% are due to the fact that voters can (in fact, must) vote for more than one candidate.

Thanks to all of the candidates for cleanly and politely run campaigns, and to the three runners-up for being gracious about brucette’s well-deserved win. We’ll hope to have an interview with our newest DP this week!

*Reincarnation has been known to occur…



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