Give Me All Your Stuff: Marriage in ATITD

As your extremely eligible erstwhile editor recently entered into pre-nuptual negotiations, it seems a good time to look at the conventions of Egyptian marriage. To that end, here are the views of four married players on the following questions:

Are you married to a mule or are you married to another player? Why did you make that choice and how does that choice reflect your playing style? What are the advantages and disadvantages of doing it that way?

Istwan: DaSpozz is originally a real player but quit soon after our wedding, so now he’s practically a mule. It’s handy for travel, mostly, and some tasks that require bigger groups. It would be more fun to have him actually playing though, of course!

blondie: I’m married to my RL husband whom I met in the game, actually. It’s always good to have a spousewarp, since sometimes neither of us has Travel Time. We sort of do different things; he does his thing, I do mine. I tend to do a lot of trading, he’s a lot quieter. He does the more brainy things and I cry to him when I can’t do stuff, which is a lot of time.

Yendor: I swung both ways: I do play YendorsSlave (she is a slave, not a mule), and in Tale 3 I married her. This telling I married a real player, Lukeera, and YendorsSlave married Lukeera’s mule Ion (Ion is a mule, not a slave).

The biggest advantage to marrying your own character is that you can coordinate things like Nav Points and who stands where to effectively double your manuverability. In T3, I never had to wait for a CS because the characters could alternate who paid the travel cost and who warped for free. I saved enough so that when I needed, for example, sulfuours water, I’d pay 24h of travel time to warp to one of my 14 nav points and get it.

Marrying a real player has advantages for test passes. I’m an architect. Lukeera actually is too, but she also does a lot of body tests. So I’d log in to find a bunch of pearls in my inventory, and passed Oyster Catcher for the first time ever, have an endurance point from that tattoo thingy for the firtst time ever, etc. And Lukeera logs in to a chest full of skill tuitions and mats for art and thought buildings.

I’m not sure anyone is sure on the difference between an alt, a slave, and a mule. I’d rank them by how many tests they pursue. Lukeera doesn’t put any effort into passing Ion on any tests, but I will try to help my slave pass the ones except for the very limited pass ones (so for example, she is not competing in Funerary temple, but does have an aqueduct tower). The only reason Ion has any test passes at all is that the slave will (eventally, after a long time) pass marriage.

Balthazaar: I am married to a real player, MissBarbara who has played since T1. I have played since T2. MissBarbara and I have been married in both T6 and T7. In T2 and T3 I was married to Sparkle. Both of my wives have complimented my skills and abilities rather well; I am good at things they are bad at and they are good at things I am bad at.

In both cases, I have trusted my wives completely. All thee of us have been DP, so the players seem to trust us as well.

Many thanks to these players for sharing their views on how they approach marriage. 



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