Stop Press! The Daily Scarab Needs You

The Daily Scarab needs writers! We are looking for staff writers to run the following features:

  • A weekly Research columnist listing who needs what, where, and for what research purposes; and what new research is on timers or has been opened;
  • A weekly Arts & Entertainment correspondent to list what new art pieces, gardens, and thought puzzles and installations are available for viewing, playing or voting.

Benefits include an air-conditioned offices with Nile views and catered lunches consisting entirely of unlimited dates. If you don’t know how to use WordPress, don’t worry about it; articles can just be emailed to Eimear. 

Submit Your Stuff!

In addition, we want to hear about every player’s events, donation drives, news, tech openings, research openings and more. We can’t report on Egypt if we don’t know what’s going on out there! You can submit your news via our online form, or /chat Eimear.




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