Totally Judging You: Art & Thought Pieces this Week

This week’s art and thought pieces are all conveniently located each a minute or less from the RP CS:

  • Raeli Mosaic: River Plains 1496, 2827 (Dawner) (West of the CS)
  • Raeli Mosaic: River Plains 1539, 2858 (Eimear) (West of the CS)
  • Fountain: River Plains 1610, 3067 (Sabuli) (North of the CS. Hit F8 + F8 for the effect)

This post sponsored by Yendor’s Paint: “Yendor Makes Paint!”

Is your new piece not listed here? That’s because you didn’t submit it! Send in your art, displays, fountains, gardens, etc and we’ll put them in the next column. Thanks!


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