An Interview with Robby

The Daily Scarab recently visited Robby in his compound near the River Plains Chariot. Well-known for his helpfulness, volunteerism, and Tellering at The Goods, we discussed 

TDS: How long have you been playing and do you remember how you first came to join ATITD?

Robby: I’ve played ATITD since about halfway through T2. I came across it just randomly browsing for games. I came into this Welcome Island place that asked me to do these rather mundane tasks to become a “citizen”. I plugged along, not that interested, but when I got to the mainland I was blown away by its depth and all of the people I started to interact with. It should be noted that ATITD was the first Online game I ever played, mostly because it was the first one I came across that there wasn’t someone trying to kill me! 🙂

TDS: You’re a Level 72 Oracle of Four but it’s hard to tell from stalking your profile what your real interests are. What are your favourite tests and what aspects of the game keep you engaged and coming back?

Robby: There’s so much in the game that interests me! Not only the game mechanics and test challenges, but the social aspect of it. I’m most interested in the Art and Thought tests. I like to express my creative side whenever possible, and while Art tests are the most obvious, Thought tests are another way to be creative. I love Body tests, mostly for the additional stats, but they force you out into the world of ATITD. Harmony is fun because you have to participate and learn about the world here to advance. I do Arch tests because they challenge your ability to produce and manufacture all of the resources that exist in this world. Leadership and Worship have some fun tests, but I’m not as interested in them as the other disciplines.

Aside from these things, what keeps me engaged and coming back is the incredible community that is the core of this game. I’ve build some wonderful friendships over the years and have been lucky enough to actually meet some in RL. What makes this game so great. in the final analysis is the people!

TDS: You recently ran for DP and narrowly lost out to brucette. What do you think of this test and the role it plays in Egypt?

Robby: DP is and will always be a controversial test. I believe Teppy created it for the sole purpose of messing with the social aspects of the game. It’s been called a popularity contest; a lame duck test because the DPs don’t use their ban enough; and it’s been said that no matter who the candidates are, they all say the same things.

All of these things are true to some degree, but beyond that it’s a very good way to learn a lot about players we wouldn’t otherwise have an opportunity to know. At it’s core, no matter what anyone would like a DP’s role to be in the game, it is a referendum on who players trust the most to not abuse the power they have been given.

TDS: You’re a teller at The Goods, my favourite Egyptian shopping mall. I remember long queues at The Goods in T3, multiple tellers on every shift, and a very active trading marketplace. I only rejoined ATITD recently, but it seems much less heavily utilised. This is super for me, because I just parlayed 200 white Reali tiles and some dates into nearly everything I needed for a Reali Mosaic Table, but it’s sad to see it so under utilised. What’s changed?

Robby: The Goods is still a good resource for some players in ATITD. However, its profile and relevance have diminished over the tales. There are several reasons for this. There are a lot less active players now than there was in T1 through T4. There have been quite a few more places a player can seek out trades (Egyptian Exchange chat, large guilds, and long time players knowing the relative value of things). Also, in order for the Goods to provide items of use, we need players to sell us mats so that the relative price is reasonable. If we only have 5 gypsum in stock, the cost is way beyond what a player would “pay” if they traded with another player. Having said all that, we think the Goods still provides a good service to the game.

TDS: I’ve visited you recently to look at your beautiful breeding beetles. Where are you in the Test of Khefre’s Children and what do you look for when you’re breeding for show? What do you look for when you’re voting, particularly on L1 gardens?

Robby: I’ve just entered my best beetle in the Lvl 3 Garden. I hope to pass the test this round. When I breed beetles, I look to find first, a good base color. I then try to develop interesting patterns. Now, you can grind it out and eventually patterns will emerge, but the best way is to get beetles from other breeders and crossbreed with them. Its a long process, but if you’re patient, and make good choices you will eventually get some pretty cool beetles.

My criteria for judging beetles is the same at any level taking into consideration how much breeding was needed at each level. I look for good color combinations, good contrast, interesting and artful patterns. But in the end, like any good art, I look for a beetle that appeals to my aesthetic sensibilities.

TSD: Who are you in real life?

Robby: I’m a 61 year old single, never married, heterosexual male who is quite happy in that particular lifestyle. I’m a videographer/editor by trade. I live in Northern New Jersey. I treasure my family and friends. I’m happy to have this really fun place in ATITD outside of my real life 🙂


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