Cooking for Dummies: A New Guide

Confession time: while I played a lot of T3, some of T6, and now T7, it wasn’t until Friday that I successfully cooked a meal.

The wiki is filled with really great, in-depth articles by people who are both passionate and knowledgeable about the science of cooking. But not only do I not understand the science of cooking, at this point in my culinary progression I don’t really care. My questions are much less about the potency of mixing certain fish with certain shrooms and much more along the lines of “Can someone show me how to turn this stove on?”

So for people like me who don’t want to get into the dark voodoo of creating recipes and really just want to be able to throw recipe ingredient into a kitchen and make some food that works, I have created Cooking for Dummies. It explains what each cooking level means, how recipes work, the two components of the foods you need to mix together, and how to make as many servings from these foods as you would like.

Best of all, it has a servings calculator for those of us who are math challenged. The calculator will help you with both sink food and real food.

My thanks to Roi, who patiently answered all of my extremely basic cooking questions, and to Hanjo who made spreadsheet magic.

I really hope this helps some more people to start cooking. I spent two tales being overwhelmed and intimidated by cooking, but it turns out that it’s actually pretty easy after the first time you do it, is incredibly useful, and is really fun.

Bon appétit!


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