Beetle Crush Mania Donation Drive!

Inspired by Blondie’s donation of 50 beetles, a community drive is underway to generate Khefre’s Essence for research. You can drop off any stray, found, or un-needed bred beetles in the Khefre’s Locker located 10 seconds due east of the CS at Midland Valley at 1002, 4896.

The research requirement is for 20 more Khefre’s Essence, and 500 beetles are needed to make just one. But the Beetle Crush Mania crusher is at 64% already, so to generate one complete Khefre’s Essence we only need another 180 beetles! Your donation of any beetles, from 1 on up, will help meet this goal.

The Essence made from this event will go to Ariella to support Advanced Horticulture tech. If the locker is full or you have more than 50 beetles to donate, please chat Eimear for crushing services 🙂

Why Donate?

  • Khefre’s Essence is needed for the donations Universities require to release the Advanced Horticulture tech;
  • Advanced Horticulture is needed in order to get to Xenobotany;
  • Xenobotany is needed to grow roses;
  • Roses are needed to release the Test of Festivals  and can of course be used in making even more beautiful gardens for Test of the Formal Garden.

If we can get just one Khefre’s Esssence made from community beetle donations, it will be a successful drive. Thanks!


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