Woman Overboard! Clues Uncovered for New Story Line

Two days ago, a strange message appeared in System:

Those country folk who lived at the Northerner part of Egypt had become aware of the cloud patterns that foretold a storm brewing off their coast. The usual few puffy clouds had steadily darkening bottoms as the cumulus masses were mushrooming into thunderheads…

This message coincided with a new entry in the Events calendar, Fighting Asea, Chapter 1, which linked to this Wiki post. Chapter 1 introduces the tale of Captain Belzoni, the crew of his ship the Bella Dama, and a mysterious ship passenger, Melanie Lafitte, who appears to be desperate to travel with the ship to Egypt. She is then reported swept overboard in the storm off the coast of Egypt.

Egyptians immediately sent out coastal search parties looking for a body or other evidence of Ms Lafitte, but none has been found. It has been discovered however, that /info vincenzo shows a player with the unique title of First Mate; /info AllesandroBelzoni shows a player with the unique title Captain; and /info Melanie shows a player with the title Botanist Francaise, indicating that she is (or was) a French botanist.

While information is still sparse, more clues will undoubtedly be uncovered as future chapters are released and nosey Egyptians uncover additional data. Players are warned, however, to proceed with caution. In past tales, a mysterious Persian trader brought dissent when he asked for a stockpile of goods to be delivered; and the previously unknown, highly contagious Lungspore disease was released from mysterious crates found washed up on a shore.


2 thoughts on “Woman Overboard! Clues Uncovered for New Story Line

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