Crate Loot Washed Back Out to Sea

As of midnight London time, 7 PM New York Time, 4 PM LA time, all collected crate items have been removed from player inventories. In the bizarrely named event channel /join Gents and LadiesAllesandriBelzoni provided the following information:

AllesandriBelzoni: [24m] Citizens of Egypt, Hello! I am Captain Belzoni of the Bella Dama.
AllesandriBelzoni: [20m] OOC: Yes this is a bug with the controller.
AllesandriBelzoni: [19m] OOC: We will need to rerun the event and reset the crates. I am very sorry for inconvenience!

No additional questions were answered and as of 12:30 am London time, no additional information or details were available on when this might happen or if the event overall would need to be rescheduled.

However, empty crates are still empty and as of this moment, have not been re-populated with new Strange Crate booty.


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