Wide-Spread Scavenging as Crates Wash Ashore

A vast number of cargo containers have washed ashore up and down the Nile. Titled “Strange Crates” these vessels hold a variety of exotic goods, none of which have been seen before in Egypt. These crates come from the previously reported Bella Dama, and presumably were washed overboard in Friday’s storm. From the “Trading’s the Game!” Calendar event, we learn this:

Are your trading skills up to par?  The Master Trader, Allesandri, will be giving you the chance to offer back his crew’s belongings garnered from the washed up flotsam along the shores of the Nile.

There appear to be at least six kinds of crates including standard wood, carved wood, and exotic porcelain gilt and inlaid box varieties. Every crate contains one type of good, including the following known items:

  1. Beef Jerky
  2. Black Buckle Shoes
  3. Black Eyepatch
  4. Braided Cord – Malloc
  5. Bronze Plated Compasses
  6. Carved Sword – blondie, ninfa
  7. Clover Hay – Amon-Sul
  8. Deck Mops
  9. Detailed Mediterranean Map – Amon-Sul
  10. Handmade Beads
  11. Gold Bracelets
  12. Hourglass –  blondie, ninfa
  13. Iron Handcuffs –  blondie, ninfa
  14. Ivory Chest Set –  blondie, ninfa
  15. Jewlelled Dagger – Malloc
  16. Lye Soap – Istwan
  17. Muslin Bags – Istwan
  18. Oaken Bucket – Istwan
  19. Oriental Spices
  20. Ostrich Feathers
  21. Pick Axe
  22. Porcelain Wash Basin
  23. Ruffled Cotton Blouse – Istwan
  24. Rusted Pitchforks
  25. Sable Brush –  blondie, ninfa
  26. Salted Pig Tongues
  27. Set of Silverware – Amon-Sul
  28. Silk Handkerchiefs
  29. Silver Combs – Istwan
  30. Stamped Silver Coins
  31. Sweet Gherkins
  32. Teakwood Oar –Istwan
  33. Trowels
  34. White Pantaloons – Istwan

(If you can add to this list, please chat Eimear!)

It would appear that each crate washes ashore with a maximum of 20 items.  Players are allowed to take a single item from each crate found, up to a maximum of 7 “Crate Items” held in inventory. It is not possible to hold more than one of each type in inventory, nor is it possible to stash these items in any known storage container.

However, if you hold for example, a Salted Pig Tongue in inventory and would really rather have, say, a Gold Bracelet, you can place your Salted Pig Tongue back into any Salted Pig Tongue container that is not already full. You may then take a different item from a different crate, up to the maximum of 7 items.

These items can be traded with Captain Belzoni, whom it appears may possibly value a Buckle Shoe more highly than a Stamped Silver Coin:

Captain Belzoni, after introductions, will give trading times and regional chariot stops to commence with the dickering during the next few days, so watch for the Gents and Ladies chat tab to light up.

Are you witty enough to guess what values he gives to different items?

Although the exact nature of the trading game is not yet know, prizes offered include cuttable gems, fishing poles, and nails.


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