JAWA Tavern Moves Up and Re-Brands

The popular Jawa Tavern in River Plains has moved up in the world and re-branded at the same time. With a new build and a new, better location, the old Tavern is now called the River Plains Cafe.

Long positioned to the rear of the Scarab Garden adjacent to the CS, this popular eatery has now moved closer to the CS. Its new location at 1598, 2868 is immediately adjacent to the Scarab Garden on the roadside at the CS.

As well as kitchens offering free sink, DEX and END food, the new building features eatery-themed sculptures and mosaics for the amusement of patrons. The new build also houses a single central warehouse for donations at the back of the cafe.

The Cafe, which serves hundreds of meals each week to speedy citizens traveling up and down Egypt, is stocked entirely by donations.

Bulk ingredients (up to 600 of each ingredient used per batch) are needed:

  • FISH: Fish Oil, Carp Meat, Catfish Meat, Chromis meat, Oxyrynchus meat, Spoonfish meat, Tigerfish meat
  • FOOD: Malt (raw), Grilled Cabbage (please do not donate plain cabbage – keep it for beetles)
  • HERBS: Mountain Mint, Pale Dhamasa, Verdant Squill
  • MUSHROOMS: Dead Tongue, Toad Skin

Additive herbs are used in any quantity you can spare and even 1 is greatly appreciated:

  • Butterroot
  • Calabash
  • Cinquefoil
  • Crumpled Leaf Basil
  • Dameshood
  • Dark radish
  • Dusty Blue Sage
  • Joy of the Mountain
  • Liquorice
  • Medicago
  • Rubydora
  • Sweet Groundmaple

The above ingredients are items that will be used right away to feed Egypt. Please chat Dawner, Shemei, Porthos, Orchid, or Styx with any questions.


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