Trading’s the Game Kicks Off with Refreshed Crates

Crates from the previously aborted Trading’s the Game have now been repopulated and the game is afoot! Scroll down for a list of the first items traded, the points awarded, and a complete log of the transaction.

Crates re-appeared on the shores of the Nile yesterday, and as of 30 minutes ago when the Trade event on the Calendar was listed to start, crates were repopulated with the same list of items as the first attempt at running the game, and in the same places.

On the event channel for this event, /join Gents and Ladies, Captain Belzoni made the following announcement:

[12m] Citizens of Egypt, I would like to introduce myself. I am Captain Belzoni of the Bella Dama, a trading ship.  My crew and I were sailing to your fine country in hopes of trading. Unfortunately we met with ill weather and instead are in need of your help!

To stay afloat we had to throw some of our crates overboard. Some were washed out to sea from the violence of the waves. We are offering compensation for your efforts if you could look along the large river called the Nile by your people.

After speaking with some of your local people we have knowledge of the names of your different regions and that you have a central town area where there are chariot stops. Both myself and the ship’s cook, Carmello, will be coming to each of these chariot places during the next few days to accept your offers of retrieved crate items.  Carmello and I have travelled first to the Old Egypt chariot place. We will travel to the next chariot place in Midland Valley afterwards and then on to others in a timely manner.

Seven of the crate items can be offered for payment to me. I ask that you speak with Carmello first so he can learn and notate your name.

Players can now grab items and travel to chariot stops to trade with Carmello and Captain Belzoni. The following items were the first to be traded:

  • Black Buckle Shoe
  • Clover Hay
  • Oriental Spices
  • Ostrich Feather
  • Salted Pig Tongues
  • Stamped Sliver Coin
  • White Pantaloons

In exchange for these goods, which immediately disappeared from inventory, the following points were awarded:

  • PaymentC
  • PaymentE
  • PaymentG

From the above it can be assumed that three of the seven items had value to the Captain, although without more data is it is not possible to guess which ones.


As clarified in this conversation, each Egyptian will get only one chance to trade just 7 items, and cannot refill for more, so scavenge wisely.


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