Weekend Vigil in 4C

A weekend vigil has kicked off in 4C, courtesy of the HHOFW (Helping Hands of Friends Worship) Guild. Located next to the School of Architecture at 4C -40, 4220, the site will be familiar to many who ran their Worship Initiations at this location.

As well as being great fun, Vigil is an easy level. To participate in a Vigil, you need to have passed Worship Initiation and have signed up for the Test of the Vigil at your local U Worship. At regular intervals, the Vigil fire announces the item it requests as a sacrifice, and having the Test means you have the option to throw an item into the Vigil fire. Making a single sacrifice satisfies all of the Principle requirements and will give you a level.

Materials for sacrifices are on site, and HHOFW Elders will even help you complete your Worship Initiation. All you need to do is join the Guild, also on-site at -45, 2277.

The Vigil site also features multiple hookahs with burning herbs. Smoking new herb combinations builds the Fumeology skill, with permanent increases to their perception at both 49 and 243 Fumeology points.

Vigils are not that common at this point, so don’t miss this rare chance to have fun with fire, get a level, and even add some Fume points! For questions, please contact Elders kuupid or Udjai.


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