Crate Loot Prizes Distributed, Swag is Mighty

Egyptians who collected washed ashore crate items in the Trading’s the Game event run this weekend are reeling in shock as prizes have now been distributed and lo, the swag is mighty.

A total of 89 participants received the following bounty:

  • Payment A: 100 Sunsteel and 100 Brass
    Handmade Bead, Gold Bracelet
  • Payment B: Beachcomber Fly Rod
    Set of Silverware, Iron Handcuffs
  • Payment C: 100 Chicken Feed and 20 Linen
    Cotton Ruffled Blouse, Sable Brush, White Pantaloons, Ostrich Feather, Black Buckle Shoes, Silk Handkerchief
  • Payment D: Snakespine Fly Rod
    Teakwood Oar, Jeweled Dagger, Carved Handle Sword, Bronze Plated Compass
  • Payment E: 10 cuttable Sunstone and Amethyst
    Detailed Mediterranean Map, Deck Mop, Beef Jerky, Salted Pig Tongues, Sweet Gherkins, Trowel
  • Payment F: 100 Moonsteel and 100 Bronze
    Ivory Chess Set, Rusted Pitch Fork, Hourglass, Lye Soap, Oaken Bucket, Silver Combs, Pick Axe
  • Payment G: 10 cuttable Turquoise and Citrine
    Porcelain Wash Basin, Oriental Spices, Stamped Silver Coin

Participation: 100 Nails and 200 Charcoal

Worthless items: Clover Hay, Black Eyepatch, Braided Cord, Muslin Bag

Lottery items: Lightboxes

Amunsul was the only player to turn in items that scored 6 points. The unluckiest people were nourbese, Powertje, Baltharina, Sandman, Maxion, Robby and Madwife, who each scored two payments for their 7 items.

However, special mention goes out to Peabody, who despite the efforts of a few other players to haggle, stands alone in successfully gaming the Gamemasters.

In an attempt to figure out the points system on which prizes would presumably be based, many Egyptians generously shared their data with the data analysts in the accounts department in the dusty basement of the Daily Scarab.

Several theories were in the running (crate types; various alphabetical weightings; randomised optimal scoring per player; groupings of metals, clothing, food, etc;) but it was not until Peabody cleverly turned in just one item (Oriental Spices) and received 1 Payment G point that the data crunchers were able to verify that the prizes were grouped, and extract from the rest of the data evidence that the groupings were random but the same for all players. Exact groupings were not clear until the event ended and the groups were revealed by the ship’s chef.

The captain, who had consistently professed surprise that the trading abilities of Egypt’s women were on par with those of her men and had made a series of appalling remarks about our fairest citizens, was unavailable to comment on the fact that his prize system was gamed by a trade from a woman.


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