Wanted, Dead or Alive…

The second chapter of the ASea narrative, titled Accounting of the Cost, has now been posted on the Wiki.

Details from the post seem to suggest that Egyptians may wish to once again search the coast line for the body of the missing woman, Melanie LaFitte, who is presumed to have been swept overboard:

“The girl, Miss Melanie, some of the crew was asking if we should do a body search along the shores?” the first mate asked.

“Our own crew first!” [the Captain] said decidedly. “We can ask these Egyptians to help again. They know their own country and can search hill and dale for signs of them.”

Just as the door creaked open he heard Allesandri add, “Let Petroni start searching the shores. He can’t pester the wits out of me if he isn’t on the ship. Too bad the sea did not swallow him.”

Based on the story to date, it seems possible that the crew member Petroni may make an in-game appearance as well.

Please report any sightings of crew members or passengers, dead or alive, to the Daily Scarab Tipline on 1-800-CHAT-EIMEAR.


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