An Interview with Smurf

This week the Daily Scarab interviewed Smurf, who is known for his glass products and is frequently seen on Egypt Today promoting various civic projects run by the SeedQuests guild. We sat down over a hookah to talk about herbs, aqueducts and the efforts to grow them both.

TDS: How long have you been playing and do you remember how you first came to play ATITD?

Smurf: I first started in Tale 1 when my brother showed me the game. We settled way out in the middle of the desert and immediately regretted it after having to walk 2 hours to get to schools. I returned for part of Tale 2 only to walk away again; the game was fun but I was so lost in it. I returned yet again a third time at the beginning of Tale 3 and discovered the wonders of having a mentor and a welcoming guild and quickly became engrossed. I wanted to learn everything about ATITD and played through Tale 3 and the first part of Tale 4. Now I have returned to Tale 7 with my fiancé and I don’t plan on leaving anytime soon.

TDS: You’re heavily involved in SeedQuests. Can you explain what that is and why you’re so interested in the propagation of seeds?

Smurf: SeedQuests is a guild dedicated to finding new herbing spots. Anyone with foraging can grow herbs they have the seeds for, just like we all grow vegetables, but herbs can only be grown in specific spots. A herb spot will only grow all of one group of herbs, and herbs are grouped by their foragaing method. So a spot will only grow the “Scrape the leaf hairs…” herbs or grow the “Harvest the Root Pith…” herbs, but it will grow all of them.

We find those spots and then bring aqueducts to them to make them viable.

Herbs are such a big part of Egypt for so many things like research, cooking, incense and spirits. The hard part is finding those really rare herbs; some you only have a 1/2028 chance to find and you still may only get 1 deben when you do finally find it. But with even a single seed, in a seed spot you can grow 7 more of these herbs. SeedQuests’ last project unlocked the ability to grow all of the “Scrape away the leaf hair” herbs, which allowed us to grow the very rare King’s Coin that is relied on in cooking and is needed to research Molecular Balance.

TDS: SeedQuests has discovered an area of Egypt with three adjoining seed spots that will support the growing of three of these groups of herbs with just one aqueduct pump, and that is exceedingly rare. Can you talk about the project you’ve formed around this discovery?

Smurf: So far in testing the land for herb plots we have only found three locations that are like this, and this one is the only one of those that has herb spots for three foraging methods we don’t have unlocked yet. This spot will allow us to grow Harvest the root pith, Peel back the stem base and Snip the leaf stems herbs, which we cannot currently grow. The SeedQuest aqueduct project is about reaching these herb spots and making them viable for all of Egypt to grow herbs.

TDS: So what’s in it for the average Egyptian and how can they donate, help or assist this project?

Smurf: The ability to help more with research, to cook better recipes, to give a use to those herb seeds that are rotting in your chests. We need donations of common herb seeds of all 12 harvesting methods. We use the common seeds to look for new spots to build new towers and pumps. And just like our last project, we are donating the towers to those who need the Test of Life principle; people just need to contact me. Currently the main thing holding us back is gravel; we are in great need of about 15k-20k more gravel for the new aqueduct.

The SeedQuests guild hall and donation warehouses are located right by the Chariot Stop in Seven Lakes 1378, -1203.


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