July DP Election Candidates & Interviews

Candidates for this round of DP election are Robby, Smurf and Yendor, each deemed by their fellow citizens as worthy of the title of Demi-Pharaoh and the power it brings.

In addition to the standard DP questions each candidate is invited to answer, each candidate has also coincidentally* been interviewed by the Daily Scarab. If you’d like to find out more about these candidates, in order of their appearance on the Daily Scarab, their interview links are as follows:

Robby: DP interview | Daily Scarab interview
Yendor: DP interview | Daily Scarab interview
Smurf: DP interview | Daily Scarab interview

The candidate with the most votes at the end of the voting period will be bestowed with the title of Demi-Pharaoh. Use your vote wisely; each DP can exile 7 citizens permanently from Egypt but cannot be exiled themselves.

IMPORTANT: The voting system is… unique. You must vote for the candidate you want to win (probably by completely filling the bar for that candidate) AND also assign at least one block on the bar to any other candidate. Failure to do this means YOUR VOTE WILL NOT COUNT.

*This really is a coincidence. Were it not, my Kingmaker score would not be total rubbish. -Ed


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