Crew Washes Ashore, Hunt for Sailors Begins

The storyline for the Bella Dama continues to unfold with various announcements in System and a Calendar notice titled Washed Up and Put Out to Dry:

Captain Allesandri is in need of help again!

If you find proof of a sailor, First Mate Vincenzo wants to see it and reward you. You will find him at the Bella Dama.

OOC: Proof = crate item

What unfolds is essentially a scavenger hunt, with barrels washed ashore up and down the Nile. Clicking a barrel opens a note with a clue to the next location, ostensibly left by the crew as they struggled to orient themselves and find shelter and water. Along the clue trail players must follow to track the sailors, each barrel  give prizes, on which there appear to be no limit — there is one from every barrel for every player who finds a clue. Prizes are low-level participation prizes ranging from the meh to the mediocre and examples include:

  • 1 deben Perch meat
  • 1 cuttable jade
  • 1 cuttable lapis
  • 1 glass jar

Following the clues eventually leads to scenes built using mannequins to represent the found sailors, as well as one or more crates:

Found Sailor

Those who find crates with familiar items still in them (shoes, jerky, salted beef tongue) can take it with them to the Bella Dama as proof of a found sailor and turn it in for an unknown prize. The ship is currently docked in OE to the west of the CS, and is manned by the captain and some surviving crew.

However, even this early in the weekend-long event, crates that still have items in them are in very short supply. Disgruntled players, dismayed by what is otherwise a fun event, have no indication on when or if crates will be refilled or if there are more ways to claim prizes from the Bella Dama that are yet to unfold.



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