Ready, Set, GO! New Set’s Re-Opens Thought Initiation

For some time now, Principles of Thought has been an on-again, off-again difficult initiation. There are two ways to pass Thought Initiation:

Since building a Set’s is both expensive in materials and difficult in skill requirements for new players — who are generally the people doing Initiations — the more popular option by far is to solve three recently recognised Set’s Ladders.

Unfortunately, as older Set’s age out of “recently recognised” and new ones are built less and less often, it can be impossible to find three recently passed Set’s to play. There were recently three valid Set’s, but when one ran out of sand to offer as a jackpot, it left potential initiates stranded for a number of weeks.

Fortunately, Peter has now built a Set’s in 4C, once again opening up Thought to initiates. Three valid Set’s can now be found at:

  • 1861, -1590 (Seven Lakes)
  • 1622, 2710 (River Plains)
  • NEW: 55, 4350 (Four Corners)

The oldest of these will age out soon an no longer qualify for “recently recognised” so sand in hand, it is time to ante up!

*Of course, you don’t actually have to build your own Set’s; you can borrow one, reset it, and have 7 people play and rate it Good to pass Principles. However, this too is a significant problem for many new players who don’t yet have a social or Guild network to reach out to for access to an existing Set’s.


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