Pharaoh Says: Everybody Fish!

Pharaoh has let it be known through the in-game Calendar that Saturday will see the Pharaoh’s Fish Feast fishing contest, an event lasting three hours:

All Egyptians are invited to fish for Pharoah’s favoured fish…and will be well rewarded for their efforts.

The type of fish Pharaoh favours will be announced at the start of the event. Prizes are:

  • Top place: portable cornerstone
  • Top seven: 1 Orchid Bulb Avalon
  • Top 21: 5 Cuttable Sunstone
  • Participation Prize: 50 Chicken Feed
  • Lottery – Airship

Pharaoh may have a favoured fish, but it should be noted that fishing events are not favoured by all Egyptians. Our antipodian cousins may be unimpressed at the invitation to begin a 3 hour event at 2 am local time in Sydney, Australia, for example. Mac users and other macroless citizens have complained that previous fishing events were won by Automato-ing Egyptians. And of course, a previously won fishing pole gives an advantage to any player using it.

Still, from food to fertilizer, there’s no such thing as too much fish, so ladies and gentlemen: prepare to start reeling!


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