Public Fishing Camps Open in RP and MV

A public fishing camp has been opened in River Plains in the midst of the Nile. Organised by Hanjo and Eimear, the camp is situated on a busy fishing spot and features a public kitchen for instant filleting; public storage chests for holding whole catches and filleted meat while you fish; and even a public ferry for easy access. The camp can be reached by swimming from either shore or by ferry from 1397, 3431 just at the RP Aquaduct pump.

A similar camp has also been opened at the popular “hill” fishing spot in MV at 763, 5117 just a short jog from the CS. Organised by Myn, this camp has public storage and is also large enough to house two public kitchens. These kitchens are upgraded, meaning it is possible to cook on-site and make both speedy fishing food for uncommon fish and the required SINK food to eat with it.

And, as a reminder, you can donate any fish you don’t need. A massive 30K perch is needed for Mutagenics to cover all of the regions in which it is not yet open; rotten fish in huge quantities is also needed for fertilizer to bulb all of the sea lilies needed for Advanced Horticulture, which gets us to Xenobotany and finally to the roses needed for Worship tests.

As usual, donations are organised by Ariella and can go to the Tech Mats warehouses in 7L at the CS by the four red trees, or RP by the CS at 1575, 2874.


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