You’re Invited ! Egypt-Wide Hookah, Wine and Beer Party

To celebrate the end of Welcome Back Weekend and a fantastic three days of herb, hookah and phoenix events, the River Plains Cafe Party House is throwing a Grand Opening Hookah, Wine and Beer Party on Sunday and all of Egypt is invited.

Hosted at the new tasting table venue at RP 1615, 2873 just behind the Beetle Garden at the River Plains CS, this event is on your calendar as Hookah Party: Wine, Beer, Food in your local time: 8 PM London, 3 PM New York, noon LA – and for hardcore Antipodians, that is 5 am Sydney time.

Held for the same 2 hours as the official ‘Tell Some Ghost Stories Around the Old Hookah’ event also on the calendar, smoking hookah in a group will help everyone around the hookah to score for the Most Social prizes given during the in-game event.  So drop in and enjoy the party:

  • Peter will be our Hookah Master and will be packing bowls of one, two and three-herb combos into two hookahs, including rares!
  • Hookah food from Styx will be in the kitchens on site for CON+.
  • Dozens of bottles of wine from vintners Silden, Madwife, Kaa and Smurf will be on hand, running from Vintage 11 – Vintage 26.
  • Brand-new barrels of beer from brewer Branco will be making their debut!
  • DOOR PRIZES! Peter has very generously donated a vast number of cucumbers, Lilies of the Sea and Orchids as random prizes for people attending!

Everyone is welcome to come down and pick up points for fumeology, fill up you wine notebooks, and increase your beer tasting skills. If none of this stuff matters to you, you’re still welcome to come enjoy a fun social event and meet up with friends both old and new 🙂

See you there!


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