Store Opens, Includes Monkeys!!!

MONKEYS ARE HERE! The T7 Store has officially opened and among the benches, statues and other decorative items ($5 – 10USD), both t-shirts ($15USD) and MONKEYS are available to order.

  • Regular Monkeys (bought through the store for $60) are delivered via a PIN code in your receipt. You can redeem it via Utilities > Enter a Promo Code. You can choose gender when unpacking and the outfit variables are random.
  • Player Meet Monkeys (bought through the store for $75) will be hand delivered to your inventory by Pluribus. These monkeys come with a choice of gender and of outfit colour!

All monkeys come in a Monkey Bag, which you open using Special > Open the Monkey Bag. After that you can pick up and drop your monkey like any other item. Except cuter. And dancing!

The second T7 monkey, named Steve, is now at the RP Chariot, monkeying around:




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