Art & Thought for Voting This Week

Loads of combined Art and Thought pieces this week – more Critic bang for your travel buck!

  • Madwife and Madman: Combined Formal Garden, Constellations, Tombs of the Immortal, Dancing Waters and Venery all at -326 8109 in CCR (exit the CS, run north, keep running north!)
  • Lilyoptra: Windsong in 7L at 1395, -1164
  • Istwan: Pulse of the People survey, Hexaglyph, Pathmaker and Constellation just east of South Egypt CS: 1100,-5600
  • Branco: Tomb of the Immortal at River Plains 1490, 2831 (15 seconds west of the RP CS)
  • Eimear: Prismatic Opticon at 1535, 2857 in RP 10 seconds west of the CS (at the obelisk)
  • OneBanana: Bijou table in the zFree art compound in RP at 1414 3012 (the one with the bonfire in front of it, and is apparently easy…)
  • Zhukuram: Gilder at OE 1051, 6871 behind the CS.

Is your art or thought piece not listed? These items are pulled from Egypt Today but humans miss things. Make sure yours is included: submit it directly to the Daily Scarab!


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