Automated Looms within Eye-Sight

Loom Automation, the tech that will give everyone all over Egypt the glory that is Automated looms, is very nearly complete at the University of Architecture in Eastern Grounds! By contributing to complete the research, anyone will be able to go to the EG U Arch, get the tech, and build automated looms in a compound anywhere.


All that is required is 758 eyelets, cut from ANY gemstone.

Donations of eyelet cut gemstones and cuttable gems can be made in the Auto Loom Donations chest in RP 1537, 2856, just 5 seconds from the River Plains CS (look for the Obelisk!)

Why do you want an Auto Loom? Because they are FANTASTIC. Load the loom with thousands of thread, twine or wool and the Auto Loom will spit out canvas, linen and wool cloth like MAGIC. No more END timers, no more tapping a loom every X seconds… just pure textile wizardry.

Please drop off your donations of cut eyelets and/or cuttable gems to make this magic happen. And if you are willing to join the “HELL YES I want Auto Looms, let me cut some eyelets!” crew, please /chat Eimear to get on the list of gem cutters. Thanks so much!


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