You’re So Critical! Art & Thought This Week

It is once again that time of the week when we all perambulate to Egypt’s newest installations, drink cheap wine, and gaze upon them officiously murmuring “It’s so post-modern.” The following Art and Thought pieces await your critiques:

  • murtha: Mosaic at OE cs 1031 6911
  • OneBanana: Windsong and Bijou 1414, 3011
  • Talos: Tomb Of Immortal at SThought 1289, 3566
  • Huggz: Dancing Waters fountain opened at 1372, 3268
  • Eimear: Windsong at 1537, 2856 RP CS
  • Eimear: Glider at RP 1244, 3355 -(north of S Worship, in the big C)

Is your piece not on the list? Please submit it to the Daily Scarab for inclusion in next week’s list!


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