Ready, Steady, Learn to Cook!

Egyptians are being encouraged to eat better and add more natural foods to our diets with a cooking contest today. The contest asks budding chefs to create a recipe with at least 20 added Strength, Dexterity and Endurance using Common Rosemary and Catfish in the ingredient list.

Times are on your in-game Calendar, and the prizes are great, including a fishing pole and pearls!

In advance of the fishing contest, the chef behind the popular River Plains Cafe, Styx, will be holding a Cooking Clinic for those looking to improve their cooking or to create their own recipes. The Clinic will cover:

  1. Cooking basics using The Good Grub Pub food grid
  2. Bases, additives, and calculating servings
  3. How to cook a recipe
  4. Food statistics
  5. Masterpiece Meals

To attend the clinic, please have the food grid opened to reference during the clinic, see your in-game calendar for the time local to you, and type /join event channel to learn more about cooking!

PS: Totally confused about cooking and never even thrown food into a kitchen? Read Cooking for Dummies!



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