A Festivals Interview with Peacefulness

With the very first event for the newly opened Test of Festivals having just hit calendars with a Festival for Isis scheduled for early October, it seemed like a good time to talk Festivals. The Daily Scarab sat down over a cup of ambrosia with Peacefulness, a Sage of Worship and elder in Festivals Guild, to discuss this complex group test and what goes into it.

TDS: So what is Test of Festivals?

Peacefulness: For Festivals, our main goal is to please seven Egyptian gods and goddesses. Each has its own favorite items. To prepare for the test, two players perform a specific ritual at a common altar, and receive instructions about what that god requires from them. When it is time for the festival, each player follows their instructions to satisfy that particular god. When a large number of players (or at least three) please a god in a short timeframe (within an hour of one another) they all make progress in the test.

TDS: To anyone who hasn’t explored it or just looked at the test requirements, it seems difficult, complicated and like it will take forever. What are the positives and what do you enjoy about it?

Peacefulness: The Test of Festivals, in my opinion, is the ultimate cooperative test. I love the fact that it provides complex goals for experienced players. It IS complicated, and it does take the extended efforts of many people and guilds to provide the perfumes, aromatic honeys, dyed silk ribbons, beers, wines, spirits and flowers needed to please each god.

TDS: Roses! It seemed like for weeks all we heard about was roses this, Xenobotany that, Tech this, fertilize that. What is so important about roses for Festivals?

Peacefulness: Like many tests, in order to demonstrate that Egypt was ready, we had to gather together a bit of everything needed for the test. A 3x giant Rose of Ra happened to be the final item needed to open the test of festivals. Many thanks to Ariella for her hard work and persistent posts to Egypt Today! We Egyptians need a lot of reminders to keep working toward big goals.

TDS: What is the role of the Festivals Guild and what do people need to do to take part?

Peacefulness: Festivals Guild is one of several guilds whose goal is to coordinate this test and provide the materials and encouragement needed to enable players to succeed at the Test of Festivals. The test also encourages players to gather in one place at a scheduled time and is an excellent opportunity to collect signatures and trade acro moves. It gets us out of our home camps and reminds us that this is a social game!

To participate in the Test of Festivals, a player needs to be at least level 9 and have completed the Worship Initiation. All players are encouraged to join the Festivals Guild. The guild hall is in River Plains 1373, 2942, across the road from zFree. Membership is open: the approval of an elder is not required to join, and you can start chatting with guild members right away.


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