Player Meet 2016: T8 Rumours

Much of this weekend’s Player Meet at Pluribus HQ in Aurora was spent discussing future developments for Tale 8. (YES THERE WILL BE A T8!) The following are under consideration for the next Tale, and may or may not be implemented. (Also note that your Editor may or may not have the attention span of a gnat and may or may not have the details correct.)

  • A possible revamping of paint
  • A revamp of mining tied to the idea that the more a mine is mined, the more levels of the mine open, meaning a mine can eventually have multiple ore types and players can choose what level/ore to mine
  • A region revamp and a re-balancing of resources to make the CSs slightly less advantageous to build near and to push builds and camps further out from the CSs to combat crowding
  • More expedition sites to balance the above
  • Possible enhancements to ant feeding
  • Set’s Ladder will no longer be used for Thought Initiation

And that is the happy news for Tale 8!


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