Player Meet 2016: T7 Tests in the Pipeline

Embalming fluid. Fish scales. Platinum ceremonial knives. What do these items have in common? They will each make an appearance in one of the upcoming tests still to roll out for Tale 7.

T6 Monument Tests

The following tests are player-created tests voted on at the end of previous Tales that are still to be released, and will be released, in T7.

Hand of Ra (Architecture)

A building test somewhat like Obelisk or Cartouche, where you need to build the largest mirrored pyramid in a region. Every size increment increases the chance of your Hand of Ra spontaneously collapsing. However, you can rectify collapse by also having in hand one or more Sigils you’ve also built, which will essentially “re-roll” your pyramid.

Test of Sculptors (Art)

Basically the “Survivor” of Art, where a sculptures are built by teams and voted on by the public. When a team advances, the team splits so that team mates are now competing against each other with two new scupltures and against the previous winning sculpture they built together.

Test of the Fisherman (Body)

Similar to Ritual Tattoo but for fish. You will get a list of 7 fish and must fulfill 4 out of 7 to turn in your list and get a new one. After completing the test, you can do it again (like you can with Monumental Towers) and on your second run through, you will win the ability to construct the existing fishing poles currently only available for events.

Test of the Giving Fisherman (Harmony)

In this test, a player compiles a gift of fish meat, fish scales and citrus fruit to present to another player. Each player has preferences for specific fish meats, fish scale colours and types of fruits they like to recieve. Similar to Archaeologist, how closely your gift matches their ideal on each variable will determine the score of each gift.

Test of the Touristor (Leadership)

A led Venery tour with a minimum of 5 stops, 7 players and a quiz at each stop! Scores are based on the number of people who complete your tour. The tour guide with the most accumulated points each week wins.

Alchemist’s Rune (Thought)

Similar to hexas, players will build and design a nonogram test – essentially a graphic crossword, like Soduku with colours. Runes can be made in various levels of complexity (like Mosiacs) using one to three colours.

Ritual Mummification (Worship)

A group ritual test in the tradition of many Worship tests. Cadavers (no, really) will be obtained from the University and need to be embalmed with a series of materials and completed with a group ritual.

Isis’s Bounty (Body)

A delayed T5 legacy test that is basically a scavenger hunt for pieces of an old ship that are put together to pass.

Revived Tests
Test of Trust (Leadership)

This old, dusty test is being rewritten with new and devious twists and turns and new options for acquiring travel time. (Apologies: notes on this have been lost but this post will be updated when the correct information is re-acquired.)

Pending Tests

Takeskot (Body) last used in T2; Host and Patronage (Leadership) last used in T2; True Leadership (Leadership); Orchesrtra (Art) last used in T4 on the 2nd shard; Banquet (Body) from T6.


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