Level 3 Beetle garden in 7L Open for Judging

The L3 Beetle Garden in 7L is open for judging with some excellent entries awaiting your declaration. As of right now, the Garden needs 7 more votes, and while it’s a bit of a hike, it is well worth the trip to 7L 730, -1881.

To reach the beetle garden, come out at the 7L CS and head north along the road. Take the first left and head towards the Nile. Cross the first bridge you come to and carry on south. The garden will appear on your left at the next bridge after U Thought. Happy trails!




Five ATITD T-Shirts You Totally Can’t Buy

Made from the finest Egyptian cotton and thoughtfully developed over the long and intense 10 minutes when the ATITD server was offline for scheduled maintenance, these alternative ATITD t-shirts are available wherever fine camels are sold.

1: Test of the Oyster Catcher


2: Test of the Raeli Mosaic


3: Test of the Funerary Temple


4: Fumeology


5: Test of the Ritual Tattoo


Art and Thought Pieces for Voting!

Welcome to this week’s edition of new Art and Thought pieces, also known as “the last several weeks of not-that-new Art and Thought Pieces.”

  • Rana: Formal Garden OE 1030, 6846 near the OE CS
  • Zhukuram: Formal Garden OE 1003, 6829 near the OE CS
  • Huggz: Bijou at RP 1495, 2823 near the RP CS, across the river from U Thought
  • Styx: Raeli Gliderport at 1292,3378
  • brucette: Pulse in Survey Mode, needs less that 10 to move to Game Phase. RP near the CS 1540 2823
  • ReddRuby: Pulse in Survey Mode, needs less that 10 to move to Game Phase. RP near the CS 1540 2823
  • Asheara: Hexaglyph in RP at 1500, 2825 just west of the CS
  • Rana: Raeli Gliderport at OE CS 1051, 6868 just behind the CS

Is your art or thought piece not listed? These items are pulled from Egypt Today but humans miss things. Make sure yours is included: submit it directly to the Daily Scarab!

You’re So Critical! Art & Thought This Week

It is once again that time of the week when we all perambulate to Egypt’s newest installations, drink cheap wine, and gaze upon them officiously murmuring “It’s so post-modern.” The following Art and Thought pieces await your critiques:

  • murtha: Mosaic at OE cs 1031 6911
  • OneBanana: Windsong and Bijou 1414, 3011
  • Talos: Tomb Of Immortal at SThought 1289, 3566
  • Huggz: Dancing Waters fountain opened at 1372, 3268
  • Eimear: Windsong at 1537, 2856 RP CS
  • Eimear: Glider at RP 1244, 3355 -(north of S Worship, in the big C)

Is your piece not on the list? Please submit it to the Daily Scarab for inclusion in next week’s list!

Art & Thought for Voting This Week

Loads of combined Art and Thought pieces this week – more Critic bang for your travel buck!

  • Madwife and Madman: Combined Formal Garden, Constellations, Tombs of the Immortal, Dancing Waters and Venery all at -326 8109 in CCR (exit the CS, run north, keep running north!)
  • Lilyoptra: Windsong in 7L at 1395, -1164
  • Istwan: Pulse of the People survey, Hexaglyph, Pathmaker and Constellation just east of South Egypt CS: 1100,-5600
  • Branco: Tomb of the Immortal at River Plains 1490, 2831 (15 seconds west of the RP CS)
  • Eimear: Prismatic Opticon at 1535, 2857 in RP 10 seconds west of the CS (at the obelisk)
  • OneBanana: Bijou table in the zFree art compound in RP at 1414 3012 (the one with the bonfire in front of it, and is apparently easy…)
  • Zhukuram: Gilder at OE 1051, 6871 behind the CS.

Is your art or thought piece not listed? These items are pulled from Egypt Today but humans miss things. Make sure yours is included: submit it directly to the Daily Scarab!

River Plains L1 Scarab Garden Open

The River Plains Level 1 Scarab Garden has just opened for voting. As with most L1 gardens, several entries are of the “Please make this stop; I don’t want to grow ANY MORE CABBAGE” variety, but one or two reflect real effort and are well worth your time and your vote.

The RP Scarab Garden is immediately adjacent to the RP CS and 30 more votes are currently needed.

Hang ‘Em High, Hang ‘Em Low: Art and Thought Pieces for Voting

This week’s Thursday list of new Art and Thought pieces comes to you on Sunday, just in time to add a few notches to your Critics belt before Sunday passes!

  • Pathmaker: 401, -1054 in 7L just north of the CS (Qwu)
  • Formal Garden and Dancing Waters: 1367, 3442 in RP (Styx)
  • Hexa: 1553, 3094 in RP (Maata)

These items are primarily pulled from the Egypt Today logs. Did your piece not make it? That’s probably because you didn’t submit it direct to the Daily Scarab!

Think About Art: New Art and Thought Pieces for Voting

New pieces for Art, Thought and other things needing votes for this week:

  • Dancing Waters and Formal Garden combo: MV 857, 5125 2 mins north of the MV CS oppoiste U Arch. Voting for the DW is in front of the gazebo. (Eimear)
  • Raeli Mosaic: RP 1619, 2872 in the old JAWA Cafe by the CS (Hanjo)
  • Constellation Table: DoS -958 2673 (Mariamom)
  • Constellation Table: DoS -958 2673 (Petrus IV)
  • Tomb of the Immortal: 7L 1411, -1141 near the 7L CS(KebiRoz)

Seven Lakes L1 Beetle garden Open for Business

The Seven Lakes Level 1 Beetle Garden has opened for voting at 7L 1372, -1117, and is in need of 12 more votes.

While many of these entries are clearly of the “Oh God, please just get me my level and don’t make me grow any more cabbage” variety, two or three of them are really excellent entries that are very deserving of your visit and your vote. The Beetle Garden is conveniently located right by the C, making this an easy trip for Critics, scarab fans and civic-minded citizens alike.