Player Meet 2016: T7 Tests in the Pipeline

Embalming fluid. Fish scales. Platinum ceremonial knives. What do these items have in common? They will each make an appearance in one of the upcoming tests still to roll out for Tale 7.

T6 Monument Tests

The following tests are player-created tests voted on at the end of previous Tales that are still to be released, and will be released, in T7.

Hand of Ra (Architecture)

A building test somewhat like Obelisk or Cartouche, where you need to build the largest mirrored pyramid in a region. Every size increment increases the chance of your Hand of Ra spontaneously collapsing. However, you can rectify collapse by also having in hand one or more Sigils you’ve also built, which will essentially “re-roll” your pyramid.

Test of Sculptors (Art)

Basically the “Survivor” of Art, where a sculptures are built by teams and voted on by the public. When a team advances, the team splits so that team mates are now competing against each other with two new scupltures and against the previous winning sculpture they built together.

Test of the Fisherman (Body)

Similar to Ritual Tattoo but for fish. You will get a list of 7 fish and must fulfill 4 out of 7 to turn in your list and get a new one. After completing the test, you can do it again (like you can with Monumental Towers) and on your second run through, you will win the ability to construct the existing fishing poles currently only available for events.

Test of the Giving Fisherman (Harmony)

In this test, a player compiles a gift of fish meat, fish scales and citrus fruit to present to another player. Each player has preferences for specific fish meats, fish scale colours and types of fruits they like to recieve. Similar to Archaeologist, how closely your gift matches their ideal on each variable will determine the score of each gift.

Test of the Touristor (Leadership)

A led Venery tour with a minimum of 5 stops, 7 players and a quiz at each stop! Scores are based on the number of people who complete your tour. The tour guide with the most accumulated points each week wins.

Alchemist’s Rune (Thought)

Similar to hexas, players will build and design a nonogram test – essentially a graphic crossword, like Soduku with colours. Runes can be made in various levels of complexity (like Mosiacs) using one to three colours.

Ritual Mummification (Worship)

A group ritual test in the tradition of many Worship tests. Cadavers (no, really) will be obtained from the University and need to be embalmed with a series of materials and completed with a group ritual.

Isis’s Bounty (Body)

A delayed T5 legacy test that is basically a scavenger hunt for pieces of an old ship that are put together to pass.

Revived Tests
Test of Trust (Leadership)

This old, dusty test is being rewritten with new and devious twists and turns and new options for acquiring travel time. (Apologies: notes on this have been lost but this post will be updated when the correct information is re-acquired.)

Pending Tests

Takeskot (Body) last used in T2; Host and Patronage (Leadership) last used in T2; True Leadership (Leadership); Orchesrtra (Art) last used in T4 on the 2nd shard; Banquet (Body) from T6.


Player Meet 2016: T8 Rumours

Much of this weekend’s Player Meet at Pluribus HQ in Aurora was spent discussing future developments for Tale 8. (YES THERE WILL BE A T8!) The following are under consideration for the next Tale, and may or may not be implemented. (Also note that your Editor may or may not have the attention span of a gnat and may or may not have the details correct.)

  • A possible revamping of paint
  • A revamp of mining tied to the idea that the more a mine is mined, the more levels of the mine open, meaning a mine can eventually have multiple ore types and players can choose what level/ore to mine
  • A region revamp and a re-balancing of resources to make the CSs slightly less advantageous to build near and to push builds and camps further out from the CSs to combat crowding
  • More expedition sites to balance the above
  • Possible enhancements to ant feeding
  • Set’s Ladder will no longer be used for Thought Initiation

And that is the happy news for Tale 8!

Gotta Get an Otter!

Brand new, ultra cute otters have been released in the new store, and are available for purchase for $50USD. These adorable creatures scamp around your camp, and can be trained to run around a set footprint. They will even come when their owner calls!

The motion on these is really lovely, and they have all kinds of movement in addition to graceful, wave-like running, including sitting up and even dancing with pert little paws.

Travel Time Cut in Half at CSs!

The zFree Guild in River Plains recently completed a 7th Pyramid of the Distant Plains, and with the completion of this Pyramid, a bonus has now been applied by Pluribus to CS travel between all points in Egypt.

As explained by Silden, using Travel Time to travel between CSs from River Plains was previously:

  •  3h44m20s to DoS
  • 2h57m30s to MV
  • 5h32m55s to 7L.

Thanks to the 7th pyramid, travel time on the same travel routes has now been cut in half:

  • 1h52m10s to DoS
  • 1h28m45s to MV
  • 2h46m28s to 7L

And there was much rejoicing across the land!

Store Opens, Includes Monkeys!!!

MONKEYS ARE HERE! The T7 Store has officially opened and among the benches, statues and other decorative items ($5 – 10USD), both t-shirts ($15USD) and MONKEYS are available to order.

  • Regular Monkeys (bought through the store for $60) are delivered via a PIN code in your receipt. You can redeem it via Utilities > Enter a Promo Code. You can choose gender when unpacking and the outfit variables are random.
  • Player Meet Monkeys (bought through the store for $75) will be hand delivered to your inventory by Pluribus. These monkeys come with a choice of gender and of outfit colour!

All monkeys come in a Monkey Bag, which you open using Special > Open the Monkey Bag. After that you can pick up and drop your monkey like any other item. Except cuter. And dancing!

The second T7 monkey, named Steve, is now at the RP Chariot, monkeying around:



Pack Your Camels: Player Meet 7 – 9 October

The 2016 Player Meet and schedule in Aurora, Illinois has been announced. The meet will take place from 7 – 9 October (Columbus day weekend) and online registrations are now open. The $75 cost covers:

  • Friday: Drinks and snacks at Pluribus Games HQ
  • Saturday: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • Sunday: Breakfast

Vegetarians, vegans and others with specific dietary requirements can message Pluribus after booking to be accomodated.

Accommodation is organised at Candlewood Suites Aurora but cannot be booked online at the discounted rate. Reservations should be made directly through the front desk Manager at 1-630-907-9977 Ext 502. You can also book through the front desk at extension 0, quoting ATITD Group for the group rate.

There’s a full schedule of events and optional events for all three days. (Anyone who doesn’t want to Art Walk or traipse through a garden is welcome to hang out with Eimear, who will not be hiking anything.)

What’s more fun than hanging out with other players, harassing Pluribus, and playing games? MONKEYS! Everyone ordering a $75 ticket to the Player Meet gets a monkey, which are now also available to everyone for $60 in the new store!!!

Diamond Tipped Tools Disappoint

All that blings is not gold, it seems. The hotly anticipated Refined Smithery tech, not seen since Tale 2 and recently opened in Eastern Grounds, is now available after a quick bug fix. Refined Smithery allows the making of swanky sounding Diamond Tipped tools, but early feedback is that there is little advantage to these tools.

According to Sunstrider, posting in Egypt Today,

About the diamond tipped hatchet: it seems to reduce the basic wood timer to 37 seconds but other than that there is no difference to the usual hatchet (same quality influence i guess)… So if you got a nice woodrun spot in which you can circle around with no interruption with the normal hatchet, the diamond tipped won’t help at all.

In short, Diamond Tipped Hatchets cut more cleanly, allowing trees to recover faster, an attribute that is of variable utility depending on how you gather wood. With Diamond Tipped Hatchets costing 3 Bronze and 250 Powdered Diamonds in Tale 7, current wisdom is to save your diamonds for other, more fruitful uses.

Public Fishing Camps Open in RP and MV

A public fishing camp has been opened in River Plains in the midst of the Nile. Organised by Hanjo and Eimear, the camp is situated on a busy fishing spot and features a public kitchen for instant filleting; public storage chests for holding whole catches and filleted meat while you fish; and even a public ferry for easy access. The camp can be reached by swimming from either shore or by ferry from 1397, 3431 just at the RP Aquaduct pump.

A similar camp has also been opened at the popular “hill” fishing spot in MV at 763, 5117 just a short jog from the CS. Organised by Myn, this camp has public storage and is also large enough to house two public kitchens. These kitchens are upgraded, meaning it is possible to cook on-site and make both speedy fishing food for uncommon fish and the required SINK food to eat with it.

And, as a reminder, you can donate any fish you don’t need. A massive 30K perch is needed for Mutagenics to cover all of the regions in which it is not yet open; rotten fish in huge quantities is also needed for fertilizer to bulb all of the sea lilies needed for Advanced Horticulture, which gets us to Xenobotany and finally to the roses needed for Worship tests.

As usual, donations are organised by Ariella and can go to the Tech Mats warehouses in 7L at the CS by the four red trees, or RP by the CS at 1575, 2874.

Welcome Back Weekend with Free Travel Time for Everyone!

Welcome Back Weekend is a tradition where Egyptians welcome back expired and inactive players alike and lure them back into the game by convincing them that really, the new flax strains are so outstanding they practically grow themselves and seriously, we are just about to achieve lower CS wait times…

The next WBW has been announced for  noon CDT, July 22, 2016 to noon CDT, July 25, 2016. As an incentive for everyone to log on and roll out the Welcome Wagons, Pluribus is giving everyone who logs in an extra 3 DAYS (that is 72 entire hours!) of Travel Time, to be used or hoarded as you wish.

So find your shoes, put on a shirt, tidy those camel pens and get ready to welcome back the long lost dearly departed… and a nice bump to your TT, too.