Join the Staff

The Daily Scarab is looking for writers and photographers to join the staff. You can apply to join the Daily Scarab Guild in at 915, 4960 in Midland Valley; the Guild Hall is 15 seconds due north of the CS, immediately opposite the Common Altar.


Writers are needed to provide stories on ATITD in-game news; to interview and write profiles about interesting players; and to provide regular columns on:

  • Research needs
  • Tech releases
  • Player run and game events
  • Other content types that will undoubtedly develop.

To write for the Daily Scarab, you need decent writing, spelling and punctuation skills. A working knowledge of WordPress is a huge advantage. You will need to have or sign up for a free account. (Note that if you already have a account, whatever name your posts show up as on your existing blogs is what will appear here. You may wish to open a dedicated account just for the Daily Scarab. It’s annoying; sorry.)


We are also looking for a small number of volunteer photographers to help us build a media library of game images that can be used to illustrate stories. You can join as a staff photographer at the Guild Hall, or simply upload any images you would like to donate to Imgur (which is free and does not require an account) or another image sharing service. Drop a /chat to Eimear and I’ll get them loaded onto the site!

Photography ideas:

  • Acro
  • Ant farm
  • Festivals
  • Flowers
  • Mutagenics Lab
  • Pharaoh concepts

Please take images in broad-daylight and at as high a resultion as possible. In other words, bright and BIG photos are best. Thank you!